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Stephanie Crockett

Director of Marketing

I was born in the city of San Diego, California, to an American father of Mexican descent and a mother who was a native of Mexico but immigrated to the United States as a young woman. The majority of my childhood was spent in the Golden State, but I moved with my family to Houston, Texas just in time to matriculate for freshman year at Cinco Ranch High School. It is perhaps because of this divided upbringing—split between language, nationality, and regions of the country–that I learned from a young age to appreciate the differences between people as well as their ability to bridge these differences and view each other as equals.

Given this background, it is not difficult to see why I was drawn to learn more about a group of people who are perceived by many to be different, and yet endeavor to be seen as equals by society at large. Intrigued by the ability to communicate without words and at the urging of a deaf friend, I enrolled in a class that taught American Sign Language and have not looked back since. I finished my Associate of Arts from Lone Star College, graduating magna cum laude, and have been accepted to the University of Houston where I am pursuing a baccalaureate degree with the intentions of one day working with and educating deaf and hard of hearing children.

Learning a new language has been difficult, especially one without a verbal component, but becoming trilingual in English, Spanish, and ASL has enabled me to truly appreciate the things which make us different while highlighting what makes us equal. Nothing in our society bridges the differences between people as the right of an individual to be equal before the law, and it is this conviction which most animates me about the work we do here at the Crockett Law, P.C. No matter if one speaks English or Spanish, or cannot speak at all, I am committed to the goal of ensuring equality for those individuals who wish to redress the wrongs which have been done against them and easing the decision to seek legal counsel.