Truck, Tractor, Trailer, & 18-Wheeler Accidents

//Truck, Tractor, Trailer, & 18-Wheeler Accidents
CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA - JULY 19, 2008: Hard truck crash at the freeway.

CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA – JULY 19, 2008: Hard truck crash at the freeway.

It is no secret that trucking companies are big business.  Unfortunately, there are few things more dangerous than a fully loaded 18 Wheeler barreling down the road – even the slightest driver error can cost someone their life. Because of this known danger, the Department of Transportation instituted safety rules that trucking companies are required to follow. We know those rules and we know how they violate them.  As a Transportation Officer in the United States Army, I have personally overseen the line haul operations of an entire fleet of 18-Wheelers.  Ultimately, when drivers get tired, trucks break down and the bottom line takes a hit, trucking wrecks happen.

Common Truck Violations that Cause Wrecks:

  • Driver negligence – driver fatigue, drunk driving, speeding and distracted driving.
  • Truck company negligence – negligent hiring, failure to follow safety regulations and failure to perform regular maintenance on the truck or trailer.
  • Truck defects and misuse – defective auto parts and overloaded trucks.
  • Negligent load – failing to properly secure the load or measure the load’s clearance.

Trucking wrecks are complex matters.  Gathering all of the evidence to prove your case requires immediate action.  If you believe your trucking wreck was caused by the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company – contact us today so that we can preserve the evidence before it gets intentionally or unintentionally thrown away.

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