Workers’ Comp claims against Non-Subscribing Employers

//Workers’ Comp claims against Non-Subscribing Employers


What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation and the Non-Subscriber Law in Texas

In Texas, employers have the right to decline workers’ compensation insurance. Although there are benefits for having workers’ compensation coverage in place, many employers in Texas elect not to take advantage of this because they are not legally required to do so. If an accident happens when an employer has workers’ compensation insurance, the insurance carrier takes on the liability for compensating for that injury.

When Your Employer Has Workers’ Compensation

When workers’ compensation insurance is in place, the benefits are provided without regard to the party at fault for the accident. When your employer has a workers’ compensation plan and you sustain an injury on the job, you receive benefits through that program but you are not entitled to file a separate cause of action against the employer.


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